Connecticut, USA
UnionvilleCt.com is an Internet Presence Provider. We can design and host your web pages and provide e-mail access and FTP access.

While we do NOT provide dial-up access to the Internet, there are many local Internet Service Providers that can.

The World Wide Web is an excellent way to get your name and products or services in front of others in our community. Here are a few rate comparisons with other "local advertising mediums".

Source Published Circulation Approximate Rates
Hartford Courant Daily100,0002-line, 10 day, $19.99
Foothills Trader Weekly50,0003-line, each issue, $13.50
Farmington Valley Post Monthly55,0003-inch, each issue, $22.50
UnionvilleCt Continuously30,000,000Full color page, monthly, $25.75

Web Hosting Rates (per month)

Service Monthly
Basic $29.95 $27.85 $25.75
Premium $44.95 $41.75 $38.65

Two Pages, each containing up to three pictures*, One e-mail address, monthly "hits" report, a link on the Main UnionvilleCt Page and four changes or updates per year at no charge.

Five Pages, each containing up to three pictures*, two e-mail addresses, monthly "hits" report, a link from the Main UnionvilleCt Page and monthly updates at no charge.

Basic $150.00
Premium $200.00

Additional design or updates are billed at $80.00 per hour with a minimum charge of $20.00. Additional pages are billed at standard design rates plus an additional $2.50 per month each.

If you already have an IPP that you are happy with, we can provide a link to your page at no cost.

Other Services
Already have your web pages designed? We can host them for you and waive the one time set-up charges.

If you already have a Domain name, we can still host your site. Call us to discuss our rates.

*a scanned logo counts as one picture

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